so everyone knows what’s going on: the game has been finished of course, but we’re still bumping into upload issues. i’ll talk to max about it when i can and maybe we can put something online (:


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this is it! the final push! we’re all hanging out at uni working on the final version of the build. submission is at 9am tomorrow and the game will be done by then! 

thanks everyone for the support, y’all rock


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Night Vale Graffiti

Game Design Document - WTNV →

 Hi everyone! We’re currently in week 9 of our 12-week semester. The final product of our game is due in week 12, so we’re just polishing everything up and adjusting some final tweaks to the design and scripts! If we can get things cleaned up sooner rather than later, we’ll be able to link you to the web build of the game, where you can play it for yourselves! We’ll let you know when the final build is available and ready.

I thought it about time to share our assignment 1 with you - the Game Design Document (GDD). It was a pretty extensive 4 week assignment to get this baby together, but I’m super proud of it, and we received full marks. So, if you’d like to have a look and see for reference - perhaps you want to know what’s involved in making a student game, or you just want to know more about ours in particular - I’ve got it publicly on my dropbox, right through the link. It’s a 14mb PDF file with all references and permissions included.

Our criticisms were given in the overall layout, which I had little time to fix and acknowledge the problems with. If you were making a GDD of your own, I recommend laying out the pages better, and creating a nicer flow from concept -> game mechanics -> specifics (where we had the mechanics before the concept and it was a little hazy on the first read-through).

The document has our initial concept, proposed game mechanics, in-depth puzzle descriptions, script drafting, concept art from each of us, as well as a shit tonne of mood board content and inspiration from you wonderful tumblr artists.

- Bilvy/Katie 

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from Welcome to Night Vale! Ahhahh hh hfhh dgh he is a little less than a fly salesman and more like a cloud of intelligent memory erasing flies

cute right? uvu

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hey i colored a quick sketch of this adorable intern

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Scouts become Eternal Scouts

Working on animations this week   - T

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i’m sure this happened at least once

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Finalized ‘Man in the Tan Jacket’

Feeling good, moving down the list.

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you’ve always wanted to hear about yourself on the radio